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Now that I am (vaguely) awake...

...I can talk a bit more about my class last night.

First off, I need to make a few shout-outs. Because of these people, my night went swimmingly:
luna_littleone for printing out my handouts
edgykitten and chixalfred for getting the plastic and decorating supplies
chixalfred for bringing my canes to the Center (somehow I figured schleping my canes through security at the Kings County Supreme Court would be a bad, bad idea)
cleovale for being so kind in buying a sealable plastic tube so I could soak my canes there
tgstonebutch for scheduling me (and coming up with the idea for me to teach this)

And, finally, my two wonderful bottoms - badfaggot and jd_trouble

The class I taught was "Caning on the Edge," meant to be a display of extremely painful techniques. This was a daunting class for me, due to several factors - It was the first time I had ever taught a 301-style class by myself, an already established exhaustion due to work and jury duty, and, finally, the knowledge that some individuals that I recognize as cane gods would be in attendence (Hilton being the highest on that list.) I mean, really... I'm going to teach caning in front of the person who taught the person who taught me?! So, I was a little nervous. :-)

My fears were unfounded, however. The class passed my wildest expectations. badfaggot was the most adorable thing on the planet. There he was, dressed in his jock strap, a gray hankie knotted in his mouth (ohhhhh boy is he a screamer - WOOF!!!) The gag allowed for some of the cutest noises I have ever heard. That boy is such a ham. ;-) However, he took some very painful things - alternative placement of shots. Underarms, genitals, pecs, etc. Experimented with some funky positioning, ensuring nicely stretched out, tense muscles to cane. His screams were music to my ears.

Now, jd_trouble was in trouble walking into the meeting, seeing as how he stood me up at the TES Valentines Day party (stood me up on plans for a scene that HE asked for, FYI.) I figured it was my duty to inform the audience this, in order to fully communicate the myriad of reasons I was gonna make this boy scream. And, scream he did. Warm up with 6 of the best, full english strokes, little trick movements pulling the skin this way and that. Lost a cane on him (mmm blood)... it was worth it.

One of my not-so-secret-anymore joys is trying out a brand new idea WHILE I am teaching a class. It puts an entirely new edge on the subject - and the look of fear in the bottom's eye is always fun. This time, I tried for the first time a running start leading into a english stroke on the boy's thighs. *evil grin* It worked.

I have to say, last night fucking rocked. I felt so alive... still do, even though I have had NO sleep whatsoever. Yay!!!!

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