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If this keeps up, I might have to pinch myself...

How do you like that? Two amazing, spectacular weekends in a row. Yes, my friends, life is on the up-and-up! Tombstone is becoming a metropolis, with cultured citizens and... achem, sorry... wrong movie.

But seriously. No, really.

Life is really, really good. I am enjoying it lots. Smiling, happy, even have been caught randomly singing. No, I'm not in love or moving in with someone tomorrow. Sheesh, people... ya think a man can't be happy otherwise? Well, I suppose it might have been a logical guess... and you wouldn't be completely off base either.

Point is, there are amazing people in my life. I say this a lot, almost to the point of sickingness, but it is true. This weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with one amazing person, who is going to play a role in my life for some time to come. Which is great.

What is also great is that during this amazing weekend with this one amazing person, I was able to continue my daily time with another amazing person. I can't wait to see this other amazing person at the end of the month. Hi amazing person (read:faerie)!

Watching self-discovery is an amazing event. Being able to be a part of it, priceless. These experiences are a part of what makes life worth living. If I were to ever stop having experiences and discoveries like the one's felt this weekend, I would wither away.

Oh... and just to reinforce something else... I love caning. Just the feel of that smooth piece of rattan in my hands is enough to light my fires.


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