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Onward, men! Onward!!!!

A totally exhausting day today, but I shall not be defeated.

Jury duty hit the hard part - deliberations. We have 8 or so counts to choose from, and 12 people needing to come to a unaminous decision. Fun! Actually, we're not doing so bad. I optimistically predict we'll be done tomorrow. Pray for me. ;-)

Went to work right after, for a few hours. I have a client presentation on Wednesday (scheduled for "sometime after jury duty..." LOL I love my clients). And of course, I am the only person writing this plan. That's alright. I can do it. Sleep? Bah! Who needs sleep?

So, I just put on some Blues Traveler, ordered in some yummy Italian, and after I eat I'm gonna sit on down and do as much deck as humanly possible.

Off to battle! Raaaarrrrrr!

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