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My first poll!!!

Woo-hoo! Getting on the poll bandwagon.

OK, here is the deal... I am in the market for a MP3/WMA player. I keep saying WMA because I was a dingbat and burned all of my CDs onto my harddrive using Windows Media Player, thus saving them in WMA format. Here are my guidelines: I need at least 20 gigs of space, want to spend less than $400 (all accessories hopefully included, with carrying case and car kit), and it needs to be able to work with my computer (I have IEEE Firewire and USB ports - NO USB 2.0 ports.)

That last bit is confusing me a bit. When I read the specs for the Dell DJ 20, it says it has a USB 2.0 connection. Will that work with my USB 1.1 ports?

Poll #257265 MP3/WMA Players

Which MP3/WMA player should Boymeat buy?

Dell's DJ 20
Other (Please detail in comments)

Edit: Please also let me know why you think it should be one or the other!

Thank you for helping!!!

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