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Bill Gates should lick my cornhole.

I've been busy converting all my music files from WMA to MP3 formats, to use with my soon to be arriving brand spanking new 20 gig iPod. (Yay!) Damn is this task gonna take forever.

Funny thing I've noticed... I played around with the settings, converted a few sample songs, compared the sounds, and the newly converted files sounded fine to me. So, I started up the batch conversion process, and instructed the program to get rid of the old WMA files when done.

Imagine my surprise when I started up a few other songs that were newly converted, and it sounded like shit! I mean, really bad! Sounded like someone recorded them on a 4-track back in their parent's garage. Well, you certainly envision how yours truly was frieked... I mean, that's my music you're talking about here!

I tested a few others, and then started up a different MP3 player. And, what'ya know? I had been using Windows Media Player for all my music playing. I booted up my Toshiba Media Player that came installed when I bought Corwin (my 'puter), and the files sounded much, much better.

Could it really be that Microsuck programed Windows Media Player to play back MP3s that poorly, to convince people to use WMAs? And then I thought, duh... of course they did.

Am I crazy here? Has anyone else experienced this? *shakes my fist at Mr. Bill*

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