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For those who have not been counting...

A total of 8 people have voted that Devina is clearly out of her skull.

There was also an attempt by a mad woman to break into the polling office, seemingly trying to discredit voters. Insane barely intelligble shouts were heard discrediting 6 voters... nothing was heard recounting the votes of Boymeat and his partner, Kate. Street speculation says that obviously the fear of having canes and singletails tear someone's skin off them like a southern BBQ invoked a temporary sanity statis field around the deranged lunatic woman.

Other unconfirmed reports site a vanilla flavored fruitcake running away from the polling office to parts unknown.

We will keep you informed of any additional information as it is brought to our attention.


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Nov. 26th, 2001 04:05 pm (UTC)
Boymeat didn't vote, he's merely collecting the other votes. And Kate's too busy escaping the closet to vote now, but I'm sure she'll get back to you.

It's a fixed election anyhow. Power to the people!
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