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The trees surround me, and keep me smiling...

Hello all! I'm sitting right now in Eureka, California, in the midst of some of the most beautiful country my two eyes have ever seen.

Portland Kinkfest was an absolute blast. It was fabulous finally putting faces to all the names of the people in my nephew's family, and I am extremely proud to now call them friends. Both of my classes went swimmingly... actually, that is a very appropriate word, considering how my piss play class went! (bedlam, I say... bedlam.) Met other LJ'ers, had some of the most amazing scenes, just a terrific weekend. Only one major nag - no name badges??? Strange.

I left Portland with my fae to drive through what can only be a mystical journey. The drive south from Portland into Northern CA goes right through the Redwood Forests. I don't think city boys as myself were built to see such wonders. It made my jaw drop to the ground... such beauty. Incredible.

I'm now meeting everyone in Northern CA, and having a blast!

By the way, I tried to read backwards into LJ, and finally gave up halfway through the March 28th entries. So, if you have something you would like me to see, e-mail me. I'll be checking e-mail daily, so, I should be reachable. Miss you all!

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