Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

A Weekend in Wonderland (Thurs and Friday)

When I agreed to teach SM at Fantasm, I at first thought nothing of it. It's just another event... and it'll be fun to travel, I thought. As time slipped away, I began truly looking into all the event had to offer. Very quickly it became apparant that this was NOT a normal event - that in actuality this was a whole entire other world that I have never walked within or even truly knew about. So, I opened my eyes and my brain, and jumped into this adventure head first... well, kind of...

OK, so Fantasm is a sci-fi/fantasy event. Er... no, not really... it's more of a fandom event... er... no, not exactly, see, it has a kink education track and a dungeon party, so it's a SM event! Nope. Not that either.

I figured out what Fantasm is - Spring Break for the geeks, nerds, goths, punks, latex fetishists, LARPers, kinksters, and everyone else in between.

We landed into Atlanta late Thursday night, too late to really go out partying (though I hear the Thursday night parties were intense). The hotel was definetely a forgotten gem... gorgeous spralling layout with plenty of center areas for congregating. Too bad the soon-to-be-former owners let it slide a bit. Many rooms were nothing but paint-peeling shells with stacked up used matresses. Some rooms had phones, some had air conditioning, I do believe all had electricity and running water, though some shower heads certainly leaved lots of be desired. I must admit guiltely that as a "Guest" of Fantasm, we were taken care of. Many thanks go out to redwitch for making our stay so comfortable and inviting. Instead of partying, I decided to take the time to talk with my fae... we had important things to discuss, and I feared the amount of time I would have on this Mystery Tour. Besides, I longed for her to be with me at the event - that was one way for it to happen.

Friday afternoon was a day full of classes. Taught my foot torture class (really need to rename that one)... about ten people showed up, but 10 who really were interested. I apparantely made a friend there - one of the official photographers had a shirt exclaiming "Ask me about my foot fetish." He actually went out and bought me a present that weekend - Issue #1 of the soon to be classic comic series Footlicker. Heh heh... comic foot porn. Geek pr0n! After that came the poly panel - myself, lolitasir, Peggy, and passionandsoul. What an interesting panel - Lolita had done everyone on it! The classroom was packed with at least 50 people, good audience, great questions. I think we had an outline, but that was very quickly echewed for just story telling and "learn from our mistakes" advice giving. Lord did I have a lot of mistakes to share with the crowd.

After poly came CBT, taught by Lolita. I was involved in this one... of course, I learned about my involvement through the official schedule! "CBT by Lolita - Boymeat Demo." Groan. I suffered through it, lots of pain, a fair amount of humiliation. But boy did I look forward to my flogging class the next day after that! One quickly inspired sadist - CHECK!

In between and after classes, I walked through the vendor mart, the hallways, and observed all that was around me. And I quickly realized - I was out of my element. Lolita and I talked about this, and she commented how we were so safely tucked in to our "normal" SM events, that we didn't know how to operate here. And she was right. Lots of eye candy left and right, people my age dressed in fetishwear that I could easily see in Paddles or any one of the fetish parties NYC has to offer. But, the catch here was that I didn't have any clue how to approach any of them. For example - feet. At any old SM/leather event, if someone with nice feet caught my eye, I would simply approach them and say so. (Lolita says this is the lamest line ever... I say it is the most successful, as it has snared many treats for my tasting, as well as the fae I love.) Instead, I mostly sat to the side, usually with a cigarette in hand, watching and observing.

Friday night had no dungeon parties scheduled - instead, lots (and I mean LOTS) of drinking parties. Lolita, Peggy and I decided we needed to dip our toes into our own element, and head out to the Atlanta Eagle. However, dinner first! You see, included within the list of have-nots, this hotel did not have any store or restaurant attached to it. Nor was there really one in walking distance. Thus - we were STARVED! So, at 8 PM, Lolita, Peggy, Bridgett, myself and a most histerical man named Meat went off in a cab to Cowtippers, a steak house right smack in the middle of gay Atlanta. RED MEAT. $35 of steak and ribs and bloody mary later, I was a happy man indeed. I didn't smoke an after-dinner cigarette... I smoked an after-SEX cigarette.

From there, yet another cab ride to the Atlanta Eagle. It was nice to be standing in a place where we felt like we knew the rules - too bad there was no one there to enjoy them with! C'est la vie. So, another cab ride away to a 24-hour grocery store, to stock up on food for the weekend. It was pathetic - there goes Lolita, P and I parancing around the store, grabbing things off the shelves as if we were completely stoned and hadn't eaten in days. Microwavable soups and pasta, pop-tarts, popcorn, cheese and crackers, yogurt shakes, Peanut Butter Crunch, muffins, bananas... all flew into our cart as we were laughing our freakin heads off. I feel bad for the staff... and poor little fae's trying to have phone chats with their Daddys!

Back to the hotel, Lolita and I once again tried to find trouble... stared at everyone, went back to the room, and slept. Of course, not before a certain friend of mine ruined a young man's future sex life by giving him the best damn sex he'll ever have in his life! I won't mention any names... but... it had nothing to do with me... although, as is standard at events were I am stag, it happened in my room.

This is getting quite long, so I'm gonna cut it off here... and continue later. Perhaps after dinner.


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