Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Fantasm Adventured Continued (Most of Saturday)

Saturday was the big day at Fantasm - the day I figured it out and grew comfy.

With my flogging class at 3 PM, I decided to do something I never seem to have the time to do anymore, namely, sleep in. It was a nice way to start the day, waking up when my body wanted to wake up as opposed to following the instructions of an oppressive alarm clock. I enjoyed a nice breakfast of two cups of coffee and a drinkable strawberry-banana yogurt - yummy.

Packed up my floggers and my handouts, and set to wandering. Ran into friends from the Bootblack Forum in the vending fair, caught up with the sick fucks from The Other Woman and BigHead Studios, and continued to enjoy the eye candy. Peeked my head into to some of the main programming... the game shows and hypnosis show were especially amusing.

Finally, my flogging class. As my loyal readers may rememeber, I was itching to swing my whip after the CBT class... oh boy did I! redwitch provided me with the perfect bottom, naesa, a through-and-through masochist who I can grab by the hair and place wherever I wanted (one of my only regrets is not being able to spend more time with her.) And what a class! At least 70 people, and they laughed at my jokes! Seriously, it had to be one of my finest performances - I do so love to teach that class. Great questions, terrific eye interaction from most of the attendees... they were really into what I was saying and doing. Got to build off their energy in my demo portion. I also used the class as a true intro for myself... explaining how it was my first time at the event, and offering myself for extra-curricular activities after class. While no true play dates were made through that, I made a lot of friendly acquaintances through it. Many people approached me after the class thanking me, and it made me really feel like a part of the con. Cool stuff.

And the day just kept getting better. redwitch scored me a judges position in the Barefoot Beauty Pageant that was occuring right after my class. How perfect!!! So, I hightailed it downstairs to the main room, and reported for duty. It was my task to judge 8 contestants to see who had the hardest and softest feet. Drawing on my 23 years of active foot fetishism, I set off to the task. Of course, with some of the contestants I "really couldn't rely on just my fingers to accurately judge" so I had to resort to "utilizing my much more sensitive facial skin to give a more fair and honest critique." Heh heh heh. The winner of the hardest foot was someone who caught my eye previously - a wild haired lass with gorgeous ink and had been walking around barefoot all weekend long (the ink was also on the tops of her feet - pretty!)

The next contest was the survival round. Two men stepped into a large tub full of ice to see who could last the longest, with the winner receiving a coveted Party Judge Pass (the main party battles were on Sat night, with the winning party being judged by these Party Judges, who were catered to all evening long.) Those passes must be coveted, because the contest had to be called a tie with both men refusing to budge after standing in the ice for 38 minutes! Another pass was gathered up, and handed to both winners, as they feebly attempted to nurse back the blood circulation into their red-as-lobsters feet and ankles. I was half afraid we would have to call in the paramedics!

While that was occuring, there was the "See If You Can Guess What You Are Stepping In" contest. Two at a time, contestants were told to step into a variety of food products to see if they can figure out what was what. Some of the items were comical (bananas, olives, cool-whip, Crisco) and some were just downright nasty (spam, cat food, sardines, cottage cheese.) The Pageant Host was smart enough to bring with her slices of oranges to place under the contestants noses during the more potent smelling items. Another young lad and myself got to serve as human blindfolds - we stood behind the contestants, covering their eyes with our hands. That was a really nice place to be, as butts squirmed into us. The wild-haired girl seemed to really enjoy it when I was her blindfold, moving into me very nicely. Too bad we blindfolds didn't enjoy the benefit of the oranges - that cat food stunk!

After the pageant, I ran into the wild-haired one. She cooed to me that she wished I was the one who was washing her feet off. Yum. Not too long after we had plans to play that evening, and I went off as she gave a rather erotic massage to a girl who I later found out was her biological sister. Interesting...

I met up with Lolita and Peggy, and we went off to the Fantasm Slave Auction. What a hoot!!! First off, it was a cash auction benefitting the NCSF (how cool is that?!) Second, it had to be the most histerical auction I have ever been to. In my eight years attending kinky slave auctions, I had thought I had seen it all. Not so! The auctioneer was absolutely brilliant, and made even more brilliant by the ever-so-Hell's Angel-stereotypical Head of Security guy. Between the both of them, my side was in stitches. And the people going up were quite high quality!!! The 3 of us briefly considered going in together on a trio of hot HOT HOT!!! bi-boys. The fantasy - have them entertain us on Sunday morning by fucking in front of us while we enjoyed our breakfast. *le sigh* Guess I'll just have to leave that one to fantasy for now...

We split the auction early to head off to pudding wars. You see, Bridgett and Scott from BigHead Studios put together another NCSF fundraiser called the World Pudding Federation. There was Bridgett and Scott in bathing suit/jock strap wresting in 60 fucking pounds of chocolate pudding. My brain so cannot wrap itself around that quantity. They were soon joined by many more in the pudding fest. My favorite part had to be when our new friend Meat was standing there topless and pudding drenched when a new, clean girl entered the fray. They stared at one another, and then Meat exclaimed "You look like you need a hug!" Priceless.

The pudding battle led to what had to be the most random event I experienced the entire weekend. There I was, minding my own business in my room, when I opened the door to have a smoke in perfect time to have two girls covered head to toe in pudding walk straight into my room to use my shower. I almost had the time to ask who they were when a man in a kilt followed them in and plopped right on down on my bed. The conversation went like this:

Me - Um, that was fairly bold of you...
Man in kilt - Yes, I'm a bold man. And I'll be even bolder!

After which he opened up my container of cookies, and ate a few.

Thankfully, Bridgett soon entered, explaining who the girls were (though I must admit, I'm still somewhat confused as to who the guy was.) After all three of them were done showering, my bathroom looked like a scat party took place. Brown on the door hinges, the walls, the toilet seat. It was histerically awful.

Wow, getting long again. Alrighty, to be continued!


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