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Looking forward...

Now that I'm spending a rare weekend in NYC, I figured I'd try to list what other events I plan on attending this year.

Basically, this is a project to demonstrate how insane I am.

TES Fest - NYC - May 21-23 - www.tesfest.org
Leather Pride Night - NYC - June 19 - www.leatherpridenight.org
Folsom Street East - NYC - June 20 - www.folsomstreeteast.org
Leather Retreat - MD - June 23-28 - www.communityties.com/camp-home.htm
Thunder in the Mountains - Denver, CO - July 16-18 - www.thunderinthemountains.com
Summer Fetish Fair Fleamarket - Boston, MA - August 7 - www.nla-newengland.org
Ohio Leatherfest - Columbus, OH - August 13-15 - www.ohioleatherfest.com
Dungeon 901 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - October 15-17 - www.leatheru.com/index2.htm
Winter Fetish Fair Fleamarket - Boston, MA - December 17-19 - www.nla-newengland.org

I'm sure I'm missing some. I'll update this list as I have more stuff to include.


Apr. 17th, 2004 10:02 am (UTC)
OLF I'm teaching Age Play and a class I'm building about dealing with bumps in D/s relationships and submissive recovery after seperation.....

Completely off topic where are my words of sage wisdom?
If you have time this week I would love to chat with you.....I have alot going on and would love your input.