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*pokes head up for air*

Ack! Too busy!!!!

Monday - Lots and lots of work at work. Then TES Fest planning meeting at night. Got home late.
Tuesday - Big work day again. Date with Lolita for Kill Bill Vol. 2. Ran late, home much too late.
Wednesday - Work work and more work. GMSMA-TNG excursion. Convinced to go to bar with the boys. Up way too late.
Today - Had to be at work by 8:00 AM. Got to work at 7:50 AM. Didn't actually do a darn thing until 9 AM because others weren't ready. That sucked. Tonight - TES Fest Special Events meeting.
Tomorrow - Work and more work. After work need to head out to NJ. Will be up late.
Saturday - SLEEP!!! And hopefully see someone special. And do lots of work at home. How I'm gonna pull it all off, I'm not sure.

Someone clone me, please!

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