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The lure...

Once again, I get in the mail one of the most tempting shop-by-mail offers known to man. I am always able to resist the Columbia Music Service... despite the "ease" in shopping, they want way too many purchases, and in terms of music I'm usually the sort who wants the CD in my hands as soon as I conjure up the image of buying it. Same thing with their DVD service... more attractive, but not worth it financially. Especially not when you live in NYC, and a store is just a walk or short short drive away.

But BMG Music Service... man, that one is always tough to turn away from. Get 7 now! Buy only ONE later! Then get 4 more! How can you say no???

Even with the shipping and handling... even with the ridiculous charge for that one CD, in the long run, you're ahead. And it gives me an excuse to get those CDs that I wouldn't normally buy, but kinda want.


Do I say yes? Do I say no... it is a puzzlement.

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