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The end of a weekend

My grandmother has definetely suffered a massive stroke. We aren't sure as of yet what her chances of recovery are just yet - but, the good news is that she regained movement of her right arm and leg yesterday. She continues to be unaware of her surroundings and very restless. We'll see how things go.

My uncle continues to be a worthless piece of shit. I'm sorry for such harsh words in my journal, but it is just the basic truth. The man disgusts me, and his attitude to this entire affair and his treatment of the rest of my family embarrases me. My aunt has flown in from California as well. Unfortunately, this is not a calming event - quite the opposite. My aunt, while being in her late 40's, at times has an intellectual level of a kindergartner. Between my uncle and my aunt, my mother has been driven to limits a woman with conjestive heart failure should never go.

Because of them, I believe my mother's attendance at the hospital will be lessened. It is a really sad thing to watch someone get driven away from their mother's hospital bed, due to the actions of their siblings. But, in this case - the siblings are sad human beings. And the risk of my mother being hospitalized as well is not a risk I am willing to take.

Last night I spent a healing evening getting together with my college buddies. Twas a good evening of reminiscing, catching each other up on our lives, and slowly but surely drinking ourselves into a stupor.

Today I spent in recovery.

My heart goes out to all those who knew tanseytoes. Her death has completely taken me by surprise. I remember meeting her at BR 98, and remember all her efforts in helping get BR-TNG off the ground. I can still remember her booming presence at the legendary Chickenstock, and sitting next to her as we listened to Viola Johnson speak to all the youngsters. We have lost one of the original TNGers. Rest in peace, Shannon.

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