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Another grandmother update

It would appear my grandmother stopped breathing at around 4 AM this morning. They utilized medication on two different occasions to kick start her breathing. Finally, what might have been 5, 6 AM, they incubated her onto a resperator I believe (still trying to get confirmation of that.)

My uncle did not find it neccessary to inform us of this until 11:30 AM today. He wanted to finish sleeping, and have breakfast and coffee first. Nice to know we aren't interupting his schedule while his mother is dying.

My aunt and uncle both believe that incubation was the right move. It would appear that my grandmother's life is going to be comprised of a resperator and a feeding tube that goes down her nose into her stomach. She is in pain, and the only thing that keeps her calm is sedatives.

They feel that if this is the way she will live, she will live. They are OK with this.

They also believe that she will miraculously recovery. In a matter of weeks. That she will regain full movement, speech, motor skills, etc.

I see my grandmother being forced to live as a vegetable. This is the last way she would ever have wanted to live. Unfortunately, she never signed a living will.

My aunt takes the lack of a living will to mean that my grandmother purposely didn't sign one because she wanted to live in any capacity, including a painful, vegetative state.

The worst part of all this? There is not a damn thing I can do about it.

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