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Today is a new day

My IKEA fuck-up has turned into something somewhat positive. I have now configured my dream place, and just need to go back to Ikea to get it. I am going to be indulgent in buying a new computer table/office space. It is beautiful, big, probably more than I need, but I want it. And it will make me smile whenever I enter the apartment. Good good good.

Now to figure out when and how I'm getting there.

Last night I was visited by two lovely friends with beers in-hand. It was terrific to just sit back, talk, drink, and watch mindless cartoons with people who appreciated such mindlessness. Now that they have seen the bachelor pad in all its finest, I hope we can continue mutual visits. Thank you guys... you rawk.

I decided to start out today with a walk. Trees, sun, birds. Smiles. Bought some groceries, and am gonna make myself a yummy breakfast and then dive into my presentation for a bit. A friend is coming for an afternoon lunch break, and will provide me with the physical connection I have been needing.

In all my depression, I forgot the events of the coming week! Leather Pride Night is just around the corner - and with it comes my Mommy Cara visiting NY, along with hopefully quality time with my Boston sis (call me so we can make plans!). Friends, connections, family. YES!!!!

Finally, I must say, I do love my fae. She was there for me through and through. Heard me at my worst, and still called me the next day. Haven't frightened her off yet. Hmmm... and I think I'm running out of skeletons in my closet. *giggle*

I'm keeping my head up. Upwards and onwards.

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