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Now a problem for the engineers...

I'm not even sure if an answer can be found, but what the hell...

To all my readers who are smarter than me (which is just about all of you):

I am in the market for a fish tank stand. I have found nothing in any of the pet stores I have gone to, nor any fish supply vendor online, that I want. Basically, I'm looking for a piece of furniture that can also store all my supplies and what not underneath, while also looking nice (it is going into my living room.) (Mind you I live in a studio.) (So the living room is my apartment.) (I'll stop now.)

So, considering how my entire apartment is looking to become a floor show for IKEA, I was looking at this:*10169

Here is the question - do you think this would be able to support approximately 225 pounds (the weight of a 20 gallon long tank filled with water)?

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