Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Movie time

I saw The Stepford Wives last night with Lolita. Good, fun movie.

Of course, what was even more fun was watching the characters out and about on 42nd st last night. Such as the asian photographer who was "stealthily" taking photos of girl derriers. I watched avidly, wondering when the big macho date of one of them would notice and beat our lovely candid camera operater into a pulp.

Then came the glittery horned devil and his five-seater candy-apple red bike that sits in a circle, racing down the inner west bound lane of 42nd st. I love my city.

Best quote from the movie - "I thought where will no one notice a town full of robots? Then it hit me: Connecticut!"

I wonder how many people I could piss off with that quote. *Laughing*

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