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More on fish

OK, I lied. One more post.

I am nowhere even close to stocking my tank with fish. I have this major, major problem... my apartment is very hot, thus my water runs way too hot. And it fluctuates like a schizophrenic prom date.

Everything I have read points to the golden temperature of 76 degrees farenheit. My tank runs everywhere from 78-84, and this morning, it was about to head over that. With my air conditioner on, it runs at a steady 78-80. But, if I sleep with only the window open and a fan on, I get the hot temperatures I saw this morning.

I really wish I knew what I can do to help stabilize the tank. I understand that having even 80 degrees wouldn't be so bad... but I can't imagine fish would enjoy a 4-6 degree scale of changes every day.

All I know is that with all the $%&#*@$ money I put into this damn thing, I better have fish!!!!

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