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Wow... they're swimming.

In answer to melebeth's request, I will periodically post updates about my little fishies.

Considering how today is the first day, I'll make another post. I just went on a multi-hour grocery shopping expedition with lolitasir, and amazingly enough, the fish are still alive!

I turned out the hood lights while I was gone... figured why generate the heat when I'm not there to appreciate it. I bought today an automatic timer for the light, but I think I'll hold off on using it until I go away for a weekend. For now, I'll just turn it off before bed, and turn it on when returing from work. The 5-6 hours a day lit should serve the plants well.

As I said, I bought 2 golden swordtail fishes - one male, and one female. They are livebearers, and the thought of them giving birth kind of excites me. I plan on maintaining a peaceful community tank, so I should be fine in case they decide to breed.

One of these days I'll take a photo of them for you all - right now they are still way to nervous when I am around. After all, I am the big bad blob who took them away from their friends at Petco and put them in this strange tank with two plants and a piece of driftwood. But, when I'm not around, they actually look alright. For a second there, I think I caught them swimming happily.

Here is a sample photo of what their species looks like, and some background info. You cannot tell how fabulous their tails are in this photo - my two fish have majestic black tails, that contrast beautifully with their golden skin.

I was asked today by a friend if I named them yet. I'm afraid to do that - afraid that they will all too soon become martyrs to the Boymeat Aquarium Quest (tm). We shall see.

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