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A fishy menage a trois

OK... just one more fish post... and then I promise I'm gonna go to bed.

Mr. Swordtail is busy following around the little lady throughout the tank.

Ms. Swordtail is busy ignoring him, and pecking at the plants instead.

The plant brothers are sitting around trying to figure out how and when they consented to bottoming to a biting scene.

Just what I needed - a fish jealous over his paramour's affair with a plant.


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Jul. 11th, 2004 09:05 pm (UTC)
"consented to bottoming to a biting scene"...

Wow, is that how responsible plants do it? :)
Jul. 12th, 2004 05:05 am (UTC)
Look around, that poor plant is probably also the poor victim of an unnegotiated scat scene.

And the plant's are brothers? Are they being incestuous or are they leather brother plants?

(this comment was by Ken - in case you couldn't tell)
Jul. 12th, 2004 06:06 am (UTC)
You are silly. :)
Jul. 12th, 2004 06:29 am (UTC)
Interspecies love affairs are the hardest for a partner to reconcile with jealousy. I mean, think about it, there's no way to compete! Mr. Swordtail will never be a plant, and if that's what his Miss really wants in the world... It is a sad sad tale, for a sad sword tail.
Jul. 12th, 2004 07:54 am (UTC)
You are having just way too much fun with this.
Jul. 12th, 2004 07:57 am (UTC)
I am, and I'm not even sure why. My sillyness has needed an outlet of late, and apparently that outlet is your fish. Go figure!
Jul. 12th, 2004 07:53 am (UTC)
You need a life dear.....
Jul. 12th, 2004 07:56 am (UTC)
I am very happy with the one I have, thank you very much.
Jul. 12th, 2004 08:19 am (UTC)
Well, I know that...but you need to do more than stress over the fish. Of course, in our family stressing over fish is a good thing.

Love you sweetie.
Jul. 12th, 2004 11:59 pm (UTC)
just found you on random,and i wanted to tell you that theres a community you can join and its called ONE FISH TWO FISH.JUST THOUGHT I'D LET YOU KNOW IF YOU DON'T ALREADY.
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