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Next on... The Fishes

Figured it was time for another episode of The Fishes.

The tank is progessing quite well, at least I think so. The bacterial bloom has ended, and I'm looking at nice clear water. I was planning on testing the water today, but I'm feeling just way too lazy. I'll do a water change this weekend just for the hell of it.

Mr. and Ms. Swordtail have settled into some very interesting patterns. Ms. Swordtail is just nuts... flits around the tank like a toddler on speed. She loves swimming high in the back until she reaches the waterfall of water coming down from my pump, letting the current bring her down, and then rising quickly up back to the surface via the flow of air from my rear right corner airstone. Adorable.

Mr. Swordtail is me. Half the time he is following around the Ms. The other half... and this is just too precious for words... well, he seems to have adopted a leaf from one of the Brothers Plant. I swear to god... he just chills out there, lying on his leaf. He's nicely vertical, fins flapping nicely, no trouble breathing or anything (I was worried there for a second.) Nope, he just likes chilling on his leaf.

Maybe I should get a guppy to bring him drinks and light his cigars. I mean, if you're gonna live it up, live it UP.

The only bit of bad news is that the other Brother Plant doesn't seem to be faring quite as well. One of his leaves are going brown. I might trim it and see what I can save.

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