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Fishies first water change

I put the fishies through their first ever water change. Did a 70% change... really got it all out of there. Poured in the dechlorinator, and then filled it all back up.

While the water was draining, the poor fishes clearly thought this was the end. For a split second, I thought I saw the catfish hold out a can of pencils with a sign saying "End of the World Sale - Today Only".

What was even more entertaining was when I filled the tank back up. At first... chaos, confusion, madness. But then... wait a minute, what's this? Cool, new, clean water? I swear, they tried to jump up the stream. It was adorable!

Anyway... tank is now filled. And fishies are swimming around like a cat on catnip. If only 15 gallons on a human's body would be enough to make a human as high as my fish was.

Mr Swordtail to Ms Swordtail - "Dude... what a trip..."

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