Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

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Morning rant

If short-order cooking is supposed to be such a breeze... then why oh why does the place next door have so much trouble making anything I order right??? ARGH!

I asked for coffee, half and half, no sugar.
I got sugar.

I asked for 2 eggs scrambled on wheat bread. Nothing else.
They put 3 slices of american cheese on it.

Sometimes for lunch, I enjoy a nice simple sandwhich. Fresh mozzerella, ham, on a bagel. Nothing else.

The three times I've ordered it there I've gotten the following: Ham, no cheese. Cheese, no ham. Ham and cheese drenched in mayonnaise.

And I still go back there. Because before I have that first sip of coffee (ack.. sweet... grrr), I'm an idiot.

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