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Hump days can be such a bitch

This morning started out with quite the bang. There I was, sitting by my window in the Vampire Den(tm), having my morning cigarette and orange juice - SO not awake... when all of a sudden, I found myself on the floor.

Let's be more specific. I was still sitting in my chair, cigarette in my mouth, yet I was on the floor.

It seems that the chair legs on the chair that I was still sitting in all spontaneously decided to go wander for a bit. But, the chair legs brothers 4 had for the first time in their lives completely disagreed with one another, and each wanted to travel in a different direction.

So they did. All at once.

Thus, I was left blinking, wondering how in the world the chair seat and I were on the floor.

Is it just me, or aren't Wednesday's the toughest/weirdest day of the week?

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