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Open house at Boymeat's...

What a fabulous, fabulous day.

Woke up, got to bum around, clean up a bit, watch some telly... and then was blessed with a visit by lolitasir and neptuneglory. Had a great time just catching up, sharing stories, introducing them to the fish. The hedgehog got broken in - poor, poor Neptune. ;-)

After that, I had a few hours to rest, and then was visited by my parents with my brother in tow. Got a wonderful gift of a selection of wines from the </a>Brotherhood Winery. I don't know exactly how good the wines are, but there is family history there. My father has been going to that winery since he was my age. We still have an entire set of Brotherhood glasses - everything from wine to brandy snifters. I remember taking sips from my father's glass when I was young... away from the eyes of my mother. A few years ago they had a major fire that threatened their operations completely. I'm happy to see that they have successfully rebounded, and are still producing their wines. I can't wait to open a bottle and have a sip.

Visit with my parents was fabulous. How many people can say they look forward to having their parents visit? It's really great not to have to hide anything from my life. That I can truly be myself around them, and share my life, no matter what it is, with them. I love my family. Very much. No matter how insane they are... they're mine.

I'm also realizing how proud I am of this apartment. Whenever someone comes over, I cannot wait to show them all the little corners and hiding spots... all the details. Having company over is one of the most glorious experiences. This is my home... and I want to share it with others.

Man. Yes, life can be better. Lord knows. But... life is also really good. I have a home... and I am loved. What more can you ask for?

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