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Fishy behavior

Up to now, all has been well with the fishies. Water testing has been fabu, with nitrite and ammonia levels at flat zero. (For non-fishy folk, this is a GOOD thing.)

There has been some weird glass breaking thing happening. First, when lolitasir and neptuneglory were here this past weekend, I discover that my heater had mysteriously broke. Two large pieces of glass on the substrate, and a dipalitaded heater still hanging. Thankfully, my water runs so warm the heater never had any reason to turn on and fry my fish like a hibatchi performance.

Then, with a lovely swoop of my arm, I manage to break 3 out of 4 of my water test kit test tubes. Thankfully, the company (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals) is very nice, and I am being sent a whole new set of test tubes.

Now, Ms. Swordtail is making me nervous. Normally she is the head crackhead amongst the crackheads. Chasing the others left and right, just having a good go of the tank. Ever since I've been home from work, though, she has been just hanging out in one corner, with her nose in the bubble flow from my air stone. She came out to eat a little when I fed them, and now she's right back in the corner.

I can't tell if anything else is wrong, no ich or anything. The other fish are busy smoking crack like usual. But she is beginning to worry me.

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