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I have so many thoughts swirling in my head about love, sacrifice, symbolism, and unconditional relationships. Last night while trying to put my head to sleep my mind was literally crafting a LJ entry over and over again while her eyes twinkled in front of me... staring at me with love and longing and devotion. I believe there will be an essay written about this in the near future. I'll be sure to cut-tag it so as not to annoy passive readers of my journal.

To say I had a good weekend would be correct.

It's probably wrong for me to say that the core happiness of my weekend was not the event. As a presenter, as someone who flew out to be one of the featured attractions of an event, to say that the event was not my central focus is wrong, selfish, and irresponsible.

But I cannot lie.

I gave the presentations all that I had. And, I think they were received well. People learned, people laughed.

I did all my play in the event dungeon. I took part in the celebrity auction, and the scavenger hunt. I made sure I was an active participant of the event. I think I even touched a few people in what I said and did.

But, the central focus was my fae, my love. And our year anniversary, celebrated where we met 2 years ago, and awoke to our feelings a year ago.

It was glorious. We spent as many minutes together as humanly possible. We made sure we went to every class together. We walked together. We established protocol. We lived.

My leather family was there, and it became truly apparent the magic that was taking place. She fit. Seamlessly. She could sit at a table with all of those I consider my second family, and she blended right in. No struggle, no compromises. Perfect fit.

This is important.

I am loved. I love.

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