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And the family grows...

I decided that the 3 swordtails needed something to balance their crackhead-ness. So, a shopping I went.

I came home with a bunch of new live plants, tall, very green, small leaves... very pretty. I now have a nice grouping of plants on the far left of my tank.

But, even more exciting is a trio of catfish... small little babies, really. Silver with a black stripe along the length of their bodies. The cool thing about this triad is that they school... all three swim together and chase one another. Perhaps they will be known as the catfish posse.

It turns out that the other one I bought was really an algae eater, not a real cat. Those fish are weird in that, despite their name, they don't really eat that much algae. But, I like his strange behaviors, so I'll keep him.

The tank is coming together nicely. Next up, more plants... maybe some rocks... and then the culmination of my master plan - angelfish.

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