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My masterpiece is complete!

Bua-ha-ha!!!! And now all my secret plans have come together!!!! I am now ready to rule the WORLD!!!! HA-HA-HA!!!!!

OK, not really.

But I did finish my fishtank today. Before this, I have had 3 swordtails (Mr., Mrs., and Ms.), the catfish trio (crackheads all of them), and the mysterious sucker-mouth (still not sure what he is, but gosh is he cute.)

And now, the final piece to my tank - an angelfish. YAY!!!! (Yes, I read all of your advice... and did research of my own.... I'll take the risk.)

Also got a few more plants, and new lightbulbs to better serve the plants.

The angelfish... so doesn't look happy. But then again, they never are when brought away from all their friends to a strange new home. It's like the first day at a new sleepaway summer camp... you're always pining for home.

By tomorrow, she'll realize what she has, and take over like the Queen Angel she truly is.


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