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Round... 10?

I seriously thought about keeping this one to myself. I hate having to write about medical issues like this... I hate the sympathy that comes afterward. So, let me just put this out right now - I do NOT want your sympathy, your sorry's, hugs, etc. And I know that sounds harsh, but with as many medical crises my family has gone through, I look at these situations as work... I have a job to do, and that's that.

So why write about it if I'm not looking for sympathy? Because I need to express it on "paper"... it makes it more real. And, I believe in updating my friends on what is happening in my life.

So, with all those disclaimers out of the way...

It's my father's turn. For the past 6 months or so, he has been experiencing periodic shortness of breath. We finally got it checked out, and it turns out that he has blockage in his heart. Which of course is scaring the ever lving shit out of my father - being overweight, and a diabetic.

He has an angioplasty scheduled in 2 weeks. They're gonna let him spend his birthday (the 9th) out of the hospital.

I'm not worried about the procedure. It has a 95% success rate, and the doctors have it down to a science. I am more worried about the anisthesia. He does NOT handle it well... durning the hairball crisis of 2002, coming out of it turned him into an animal. It was very harrowing for a while. So, I'm crossing my fingers.

To compund issues, my uncle, my fathers brother, is having the SAME procedure done to him next week.

Like, what the fuck???

Gonna be an interesting month.

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