Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Mid-Atlantic Leather Report

This past weekend, Lolita and I traveled down to MAL - a huge predominantly gay male leather event in DC. This is a trip Lolita and I traditionally do together... and we felt it was important that once again we make this event ours. So, leaving the kids at home, we went.

I noticed a big change in this year's run as opposed to the past 2. Usually, I go to these events, and wind up playing with women anyway, despite all the men surrounding me. This time, I dove head first into male space, and it was wonderful. Of course, some girls still creeped in to the weekend.

I'm not going to bore everyone with all the details, but here are some of the highlights:

- Got to spend quality time with my friend Lee. Her and I first met at International Ms. Leather 2 and half years ago, when it was held in Las Vegas. We had a strong attraction to each other, but we never saw each other since. I spent one night with her, but just talked the entire evening. It was really nice... no sex... no expectations, just getting to know each other finally.

- Met one of my contractural agreements. At Black Rose, despite me not being there (damn hair balls), I was sold at the NCSF charity slave auction to two different people. One of them was this man Steve, a member of the Men Of Discipline in DC. He and I met at Millennium Madness, but he didn't look particularly thrilled when we met. So, I didn't have high hopes for our eventual scene at MAL. BOY WAS I WRONG!! We met up at the SigMa (DC's gay male S/M group) dungeon... I pulled out my toys, got his nod of approval, then I looked at him with an evil grin and instructed him to strip. He looked at me with curiosity, then did. Well, the scene absolutely rocked. Got into a nice back slapping rhythm, warming him up. Then came the floggers... worked him up nice and slowly, then I culminated in a nice hard backswing. Asked him from 1-10 with 10 being the highest, how hard that hit was. He said 3. I grinned. Kept going, and he started growling like a rabid dog. Woof. Switched off to the whiskers, then single tail... then I caressed his back. I warned him of my vampyric tendencies, then chewed into his back like a starved madman (in some ways I was). God it was hot, his butt arching back into me, my hand running through his chest hair, as my tongue and teeth sunk into him. Yum... men. Finally, we got into a rymthm with my flogger where he would breath 3 long and pronunciated breaths, and when exhaling the third time, I slammed into him. The whole place was silent, everyone stopped playing, and watched the scene. I think I surprised lots of people, they all thought this young thing in a flight suit was coming to bottom. And lo and behold, I top this sexy 40+ year old woofy with a flogging style that they never saw before. Tres cool.

- My friend and playmate from Richmond won the bootblack contest! Yay!!! We are very excited for her... and Lolita had a ball being one of the bootblack judges.

- Taber. Taber is a boy from Maryland who has been trying to get his mouth on my cock for 3 years. He's also a flogging virgin, so naturally I've been trying to get my hands on his back for 3 years. Stalemate every year. Well, he came for another round of seduction, and I answered with a deal... he gets my cock, after I get his back. He walked away sulking. Next day, I hear a voice suddenly in my ear... "You're on. IML." (IML being an event in Chicago in May). His new boyfriend found out, who has also been cruising me (this one is famous for having a boy waiting for him in a hotel room with 16 pounds of chocolate pudding.) Boyfriend says, "When the scene happens, you do me too." Looks like I have two scenes already in May.

- The lobby is always the best part of the event. 3-4 hotels sell out during this event, with attendees numbering in the thousands. The host hotel's lobby is always the place to be in the evenings. Sunday night Lo and I held court, picking seats in the middle of the lobby. People would come and say hello, sit in, play, move on. We realized we left our canes elsewhere, so we grabbed one of those wooden newspaper thingies in the lobby, tore off the newspaper, and used that instead. Worked like a charm.

- Lo and I reconfirmed our wordless relationship. I had just finished biting someone, and she could see how hungry I had grown. We just looked at each other, for maybe a second. Nothing more. Then I nodded, handed her my single tail, took of my shirt, and stood in position. Our negotiations have become silent, knowing with just a glance. I write this while fondly rubbing the scars on my back.

- Finally, the best part of the entire weekend was the continued realization of how deeply in love I am with Kate. I paid close attention to all the couples I knew at MAL... and saw a few forming before my eyes. All of that made me think once again of how glad I am that I will be spending the rest of my life with Kate. I love you my pet.

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