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Back after absolutely NO audience demand!

Yes folks, it's another fish post! YAY!!!!!! (think Kermit introducing the Muppet Show.)

Lately I've been having major algae build-up. I had replaced my bulbs to these high-intensity to better serve my plants. Well, looks like they were working too well.

So, I've backed down on the number hours my tank stays lit. One side-result of that is that I get to observe my fishes on a weekend afternoon while they are in the dark. And what'ya know? They do act differently!

One major difference - in the light, the male swordtail is constantly trying to screw the two girls. Well, in the dark, the tide has turned. One girl fish is basically throwing herself at Mr. Swordtail's feet. I wonder if I'm gonna have some babies coming.

One book I recentely read says that swordtails can easily produce 120 babies a month. Wow. Good thing I have an angelfish who thinks baby swordtails are a yummy treat. Not to mention how much swordtails love eating their young.

Sick, huh?

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