Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Finally... the weekend.

Just finished watching Empire Strikes Back from my brand new set of Star Wars DVDs. Definitely renewed my passion for that series. Makes me feel like I'm 10 all over again, pretending to be Han Solo to my friend Scott's Luke. I took Han over Luke any day of the week.

Nice to see that George didn't fuck with that one too much (I missed the Special Edition when it came around the 1st time.) Although, with all of his pluckings of the strings and rewriting of scenes, you would have thought he would at least give us a longer view of the bounty hunters. Bastard.

Dad is still alive and kicking. Still working on getting him into the new hospital for the second opinion. Looks like the insertion of a stent might be possible for his arteries... that gives me much hope. Got some second-hand < sarcasm > fabulous </ sarcasm > advice from my older brother Allan about how we're dealing with this... I believe the term "morons" was used by him.

Fuck you Allan. I've been doing this for over 20 years without you... and I'll keep going another 60 more. Plus, I've been constantly three steps ahead of your amazing monkey intellect. Go back to the forest where you belong... I don't need you anymore. Possibly never did.

Yes, I'm up late... but it's alright - I'll sleep on the plane. I fly out tomorrow at noon for golden San Jose California, where I will spend a lovely day surrounded by my leather family. Then on Saturday, I am reunited with my fae. Happiness is mine.

Have a good weekend everyone... stay out of the hospital, don't kill anyone, don't break-up, and tell me all your exciting stories when I get back. Love you all.

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