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Company recommendation

I must say, Stompers Boots is an amazing company.

First off, they have the most complete stock of butch boots I have ever seen. Wescos, Chippewas, Dehners, they got 'em. And dear lord are the boots hot. Woof. Yum. Schawing. Pant pant pant. You get the picture.

I had the opportunity to walk into their store during the Folsom Fair in San Francisco, and saw that they had the boots I had been lusting after for a while - in stock no less - the Chippewa Rally Boots.

So, its obvious that I walked out with them. Yum yum. Woof woof. Extra padding on the top perfect for kicking scenes (I was able to test that function in the store - it worked.)

So, fast forward to yesterday, when I am strapping them on to go to one of the worst TES meetings I have ever been to (sorry, had to put that in there.) And what happens? The top strap on the left boot just snaps off when I am tightening it. Ack! Plus, since I trust Stompers and Chippewa quality so much, I threw out the box and receipt while I was still in San Jose. Double ack!!!

Well, I just got off the phone with them. They are sending me a UPS tag so that I can return the boots for free, they are taking them without receipt, and will be sending me a brand new pair of boots.

Hot damn.

Oh yeah, for all you glove fetishists? They'll be all going on sale in a few weeks, because Stompers will be clearing out their stock so that they can concentrate on boots. Happy clicking, folks.

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