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OK faggot, what's next?

Well - before anyone gets offended, its a movie line!!! 2 points for the person who guesses what movie.

OK - heres the update - We found out what is wrong with Mom. Its her heart... appears all the chemotherapy she got in the past for the previous 3 cancers have damaged it. Its not pumping right, which explains her fluid in her lungs, along with all the other swelling that has occurred.

I'm happy we know what it is, and that it is treatable. Granted, heart problems was not what I was wanting. Of course, Mom asks what the worst case scenario is - doc says, well, the WORST scenario would be a heart transplat. She tells that to my Dad... Dad wakes me up telling me she might need a heart transplant. One of these days I'm gonna strangle him.

So, I'm now at my friend's birthday party in another state. I needed to get away. I'm going to be a slut and a half for 3 days - and you'll hear all about it. (Yeah, THATS why you put me on your friends list.)

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