Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

I just scheduled a third opinion appointment. So, I see one doctor on Monday at 1:20 PM, and one on Wednesday at 11:30 AM. That should cover all my bases nicely. New game, best two out of three.

In an effort to distract myself from my annoying and deafening ears, I played Auction Bottom for the 5th year running (I think) at the Cinekink Launch Party last night. Basically, items that were up for auction were numbered, with the numbers on tags that were duck taped to my upper body (which does have a few hairs on it...) People who won an item got to come up, find the number, and rip the duck tape off of me, taking hairs with them in the process.

People were paying extra money to be the ripper. One woman actually payed $55 just to have an extra strip of duck tape applied to my chest so she could rip it off.

The things I do for charity. Never let anyone ever again doubt my love and appreciation for the NCSF.

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