Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Stop your whining and do something.

OK, I've bitched and moaned a lot in the past day and a half. But then a moment hits you that says, hmmm, now what?

I'm not moving to another country. I'm not moving to another state, or city, or building, or apartment. So, that's out.

I have been wandering people's journals checking out what the LJ universe has to say. Pretty diverse group. Wandered over to my old friend devina's journal. She talked about joining organizations, putting money and time to where your heart is.

Damn right. And I'm a jackass for waiting so long.

So, I joined the ACLU and the NGLTF today. Cash money to organizations that I believe in. Groups that actually fight the battles that I am most afraid of.

How reactionary of me. Well, it's a start. *le sigh*

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