Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Home from the hospital. Her swelling went down... can't even really notice any difference between her arms. That's good. She is still experiencing some major pain in her upper arm. Not so good.

There might be "something" resting against one of her nerves causing the pain and swelling. She gets a MRI tomorrow morning to find out.

With any luck, however, she might be home by tomorrow night. That would be great. While spending Thanksgiving with only my Mother would be interesting, I still don't want to spend it at a hospital.

Of course, the truth of the matter, I would really like to spend it on the other side of the country. It needed to be said. Can't deny my own feelings.

Oh yeah, Mr. Swordtail looks to be dying. Same thing that happened to the others. Sits in one place, constantly breathing heavily, not eating. Happened right after a water change - come to think of it, so did the other two deaths, I think. None of the other fishies have any such symtoms. Hell, they're nuts.

Of course, none of the other fish were bought at Petco. Mr. Swordtail will be the last of the Petco fish. Never again shall I buy anything from that store.

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