Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

And home.

Wow. What an action packed two days.

Mom did indeed get released from the hospital yesterday... of course, it didn't happen until 5:30. We quickly hightailed it out to Cherry Hill NJ, and thanks to my efficient (read: speading like a bat out of hell), we made it by 7 PM.

WONDERFUL time there. It was great having everyone together, everyone basically liking each other, amazing food, relaxing times. Very very thankful for a good Thanksgiving dinner.

And then today, after a WONDERFUL breakfast with the family again, we hightailed it back to NYC and spent four hours at the American Museum for Natural History, spending the money to watch back-to-back programs at the Planeterium.

It has been an age and a day since the four of us did something like that together. It was really nice.

Then, an eye-boggling obscene amount of Italian food at Carmine's on the UWS.

And now I'm home. Time to go into a coma.

PS - What are people doing on Saturday? My day is wide open.

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