Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Ask, and ye shall receive.

I cried out to the universe looking for a way to break out of the hole of my life.

The universe, she answered me.

It turned out to be a fabu weekend. Friday night fortryll came over to crash in the Vampire Den(tm) for the weekend. She was planning on attending the Bootblack Forum, and instead of sleeping in a hotel all by her lonesome in NJ, I figured company would be nice.

We were then joined by sirkenandsubg and lolitasir for dinner at Carmine's, my new favorite restaurant. Who knew that waiting for a table for 2 hours could be so much fun! A huge bottle of red wine bought while we were waiting ensured that I was sloshed by the time we made it to our table. Great dinner, great company, great conversation, amazing food. What more can you ask for?

(apologies to sadisticseraph and luna_littleone for not making it out to Paddles... rain check!)

Sat I sent my southern guest out to play with boots as I stayed home and got work done. The productivity goddess shined on me as I wrote 50+ powerpoint slides for a work presentation. After greeting a mystery guest, I went off to the Eagle and saw lots of faces - badfaggot, rogueboi, deafdyke, glowboy, bbjim, sweetambiguity, luna_littleone, lolitasir, katestine, and many others. Quite the crowd! Good times.

And then today, a pop over to the MAsT holiday social, and then a move with lolitasir. Incredibles! What an incredible movie! Good stuff.

Yay. I needed that.

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