Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Two for two!

Wow. I actually managed to have another very successful, fun, friend-filled weekend. I'm impressed.

Friday my favoritest petal in the whole wide world, rdhdsnippet came up from Virigina to visit me. (Yes, that is two women from Virginia  two Friday's in a row, for those keeping track.) It was wonderful to just lounge around, talk, and catch up on life. I do not spend near enough time with her, and this was a very welcome visit. She even watched Convoy with me! (Convoy is hands down my favorite movie in the entire world - people wanting to be partnered with me are generally forced to watch this, more often than not kicking and screaming.) (I could also add that brehen shared my love for this movie... but, that would get me depressed, so we shall go on with the good weekend as opposed to emo shit again.)

Once I sent petal off to get lost in Manhattan (literally), it was time for BOYS. I dived head first into gay male heaven, also a much needed swim. It has been too long since I had enjoyed the company of swinging dicks, raging testoserone, and the grunts and camraderie that comes with being with men who love to fuck men.

Sat night was the GMSMA Dungeon Demo night, hosted by GMSMA-TNG. While I could focus this commentary on the absolutely shitty amount of support we got from the GMSMA board, or how practically no GMSMA board members even bothered to show up... I won't. ;-) Instead, I'll comment on how fabulous rogueboi looked, the amazing Christmas tree mummification done by dragbear (we remember when you protested that you were vanilla!!!), and the hands-down amazing scene I had with badfaggot, who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite play partners and a damn good friend to boot.

Finally, Sunday, which kicked off with a relaxing brunch that had guests such as luna_littleone, badfaggot, and naylandblake, who I was very happy to discover does actually exist in the flesh, and not just on LJ as I previously believed. Then off to poker, cigars and pipes with hot men. My throat is sore... and god damn was it worth it. WOOF.

This weekend the Flea, where I will make little attempt to write-up because just the linking to all the LJers I run into there will probably take up your entire screen.

Three weekends in a row - can I really pull off the hat trick?

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