Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Bill Cosby was right on the money...

OK, so I got a little depressed. Starting listening to shmoopy songs like Queensryche's Silent Lucidity, staring at photos of Kate... wondering where on her fabulous tour she was, and how much in the way of silk she bought...

And it hit me. I really fucking miss her. So, I got depressed... and cranky... and altogether unpleasant.

Went out for lunch... and saw in a fridge nice cold cups of chocolate pudding. God I feel better now. Its like being 10 all over again, how that box of Jello instant pudding would cause immediate excitement, and fights between my Dad and I as to who would lick the bowl.

Then I started thinking of the uses of chocolate pudding ON Kate... and thats when the real smiles began.

OK, I'm happy again. Yay!

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