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In the great memeage of the day, someone asked me a very good question. While the question and answer are screened in their journal, I wanted to share this one with the public.

I was asked, "Other than Lolita, who in the scene have you learned the most from?"

My answer, which is far from complete:

Oh my... that is a tough one.

On one hand, I would have to answer with the folks who taught Lolita. Their lessons, taught to me through her and through books and personal relationships I have been lucky enough to make, have taught me much. Folks like Hilton Flax, Michael Horowitz... and people no longer with us, like Leonard Dworkin, Tony DeBlase, Barry Douglas, David Weinbaum.

Then there is my leather family. Two people in particular - Bear Thunderfire and Sharrin Spector. My grandparents in my family, they have taught me so much. From the practical (Bear taught me how to put on my leather chaps), and life's lessons. Bear is unfortunately no longer with us, but somehow I always feel I am still learning from her.

Finally, there is a new crowd of people who have changed my life in the past 2 years. I used to be very ignorant towards the metaphysical - energy, woo-wooness. Three people in particular have helped me open up my mind and expand my way of thought. slave pug from Los Angeles is an amazing, close friend of mine, and an amazing creature. Probably best defined as my spiritual guide, in many ways. Master Skip from LA is another. I do not have a real relationship with him, but everytime I hear him speak sparks new paths in my life. And, the person I learned the most from in the past 2 years, Bre. She opened up a whole new side of me... and changed me for the better. I believe in Faeries now. :-)

Great question, which inspired lots of thought. I could write entire essays on this, I am sure.

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