Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

You want it? Buy it.

You know how when your wandering through that event vendor market, and you see that one of a kind item that just lights up your fancy? And then you rationalize the purchase, and decide, no I can wait. Perhaps you say to yourself, "OK, if it is still there tomorrow, I'll buy it." Or, "I'll buy it at the next event..."

Lolita tought me an important item that merits sharing. If you see it, and you want it, buy it, because you never know when you will see it again.

Small case in point that inspired this post - I was just mindlessly websurfing while drinking my morning coffee. Wandered my way onto Coyote Whips and was checking out his book links.

Did you know that Andrew Conway's  The Bullwhip Book is out of print? Can you believe that the two copies listed on Amazon are priced at over $50 and almost $200 respectively?

I'm glad I bought my copy so long ago, even though I wasn't yet as intrigued with long whips as I am today. Just goes to show you - buy it then, because you never know if you'll see it again.

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