Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

What I did on Christmas vacation

So, I've been on vacation this week. Yay for sleeping in, going to bed late watching stupid movies on cable, cooking for myself, doing household chores, grocery shopping, and IMing. Tis very nice.

Monday was a visit from luna_littleone and a nice bootblacking session. Put on my leather cowboy hat and kicked back with a beer while she did my boots. A little note about this - I am amazed by how comfortable I am doing SM/leather related play in my apartment. I have always felt somewhat uncomfortable doing these activitiies in a non-official play space location. But this new apartment is fitting me like a glove, and allows for more freedom of expression. I like this.

Tuesday brought a visit from regyt and a new friend eisa. Lessons were taught, discussions were had, bonding over personal expressions of experience and challenges. Gifts were given, plans were made. Happy was I. Then, went off with badfaggot, who it was so good to see, to the annual post X-Mas/pre-New Years Jack McGeorge TES meeting. What can I say, Jack rocks, and I'll listen to that man until the end of time.

Today I actually go into work(?!) I know I said I'm on vacation, but I have a little private work I want to get done, and I might as well take advantage of a quiet office. Tonight I have no plans - so feel free to nudge me.

Good days, but thoughts are preoccupied for someone having a rough time with it all out west. Know that I am thinking, and I am here.

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