Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,


I had a good weekend. This is true. I went to an annual get-together with some of whom I consider an extented branch of my leather family. It was great to see these people again.

But then I ran into someone I did not expect to ever see again. At first it was like seeing a ghost... but then... perhaps somewhat magical.

I ran into to someone from my past life. Or maybe from the very beginning of my current one. Who knows. Anyway, I have not seen nor heard of this person in over 10 years. We had a very electric relationship way back when, and then she disappeared off the face of the planet.

Turns out that for a while, she has been walking some of the same earth as I, and neither of us had any idea. But there she was, and I knew it was her... and to say it was a conversation stopper would be putting it lightly.

Heather - if you are reading this, do drop me a line. We should talk.

I have no idea what is to come, but for the time being, it was lovely getting reaquainted.


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