Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

1st Q 2005 Travels

Figured it was time to take an updated look at where I will be when.

Jan 14-17 - Mid Atlantic Leather, Washington DC
Jan 21-23 - Arisia, Boston
Jan 26 - Teaching Surviving Corporal 101 for GMSMA
Jan 28-30 - Fund raiser in Washington DC
Feb 19-20 - Random travel weekend
Feb 25-27 - South Plains Leatherfest, Dallas (teaching)
Mar 12 - Teaching Flogging Workshop at TES
Mar 17-20 - Fantasm, Atlanta (teaching)
Mar 21st - Surgery
April - pretty much grounded because of surgery

I know there is something else in March that I am forgetting. I'll update this as I go along.

Edit: Changed the icon just for thornyc

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