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More life

On top of all this, my father is going back into the hospital today. His legs have swelled up due to his diabetes (mind you, he STILL has fluid in his lungs.) So, he will be admitted to take care of that, and once that is done, then they can concentrate on his lungs again (which will also require a hospital stay.)

So, to summarize, I need to:

- Work.
- Keep control of my brain.
- Set up a car service for my mother to get back and forth to the hospital.
- Run to the hospital today to pick up the car that they used to drive to the hospital and drive it and my mother back home in Brooklyn, then trek back up to my place in Manhattan.
- Be awake for work tomorrow, where I will be the only person present for my department.
- Somehow maintain a cheery attitude
- Keep myself mentally adjusted to enjoy MAL this weekend

Tall order.

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