Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Mid-Atlantic Leather - Part 1

This past weekend, Lolita and I headed down for our annual pilgrimage to the east coast bastion of male sexuality, the Centaur MC's Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend. I've been heading south for this gathering every year since 1999, and I can't imagine missing it once.

Usually, Lolita and I travel as just the two of us, finding trouble when we are in DC. This year we brought trouble with us, in the form of the one and only, Matt aka badfaggot.

I go to a lot of events... a whole lot. And with this being my 6th MAL, I guess I have grown somewhat jaded. I know what to expect, who I'm going to see, and more or less what I'm going to do. Don't get me wrong, I love it very much! But, the element of surprise is more or less gone.

Enter Matt to the equation. Here is a man who entered my life during TNG3, and I have watched grow into a fascinating creature. He already was fascinating... not long after I met him, I knew that he was a powerful creature. It was just around the time that Instigator Magazine debued, heralding the new wave of gay male SM sexuality. And I knew Matt was going to be the bridge between the old and the new. We quickly became friends.

So when the opportunity arose to bring this young lad to his first ever MAL, Lolita and I jumped at the chance. Here was someone who has studied sexuality his entire life, and has been jumping head first into experiences. I knew he had to experience this.

I don't think Matt ever knew what he was getting into.

We drove down on Friday, sharing tales of life, catching each other up on all the varying storylines in our lives. It was a fun ride, with lots of laughs. We soon rolled into our beautiful hotel suite across the street from the Washington Plaza, complete with balcony that offered a direct view of the Plaza and all the leathermen decending onto the town. It was heavenly.

Then came Friday night. Lolita was off to party with the goils (think Lily Tomlin accent), and it was time to drag Matt off to the lobby.

Ah, the lobby. When I was 19, and someone had told me I would have the most fun at an event hanging in the hotel lobby, I would have thought them nuts. But, it's true. The lobby is the place to be. Hundreds of men in leather, latex, rubber... a tent full of bear men smoking cigars and hunting down their prey. Little scenes happening left and right, in the view of anyone who would walk in. Group sexuality at its finest. I grinned, Matt smiled broadly. We were home.

Took him straight to the cigar tent, watched him light up, as my eyes worked the room. I loved being able to introduce Matt to all my friends... they would grab me, say how happy they were to see me, then see this young redheaded cub standing next to me and more than their eyebrows would rise. To say Matt got mauled by many of my friends would be an understatement. I just watched... I steered him away from the assholes, and led him smack into the good ones. I loved taking him around, making sure he met all the right people, then filling him in later on who they were and why they were so cool.

After my buds finally let him go, and the cigar was done, we were pooped. Walked back to our hotel to call it a night. Matt exclaimed that if he was to go home now, the weekend would have been worth it, but he hadn't seen anything yet.

To be continued.

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