Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Quick notes

Boston was super-fabulous. I want to be back there. Now. In the company of several people. Which includes, but certainly is not limited to, eisa, contessagrrl, msdaisy, spike, 00sweets, redbear07, rdhdsnippet, scherzoid, salliesandbags, brjulia, evila, and others.

Thank you to those who made my weekend so special. You know who you are. Especially to Danish masseuses.

I really wish I could have spent more time with 00sweets. I miss you.

There was snow. Lots of it. But, lolitasir and I made it home yesterday in 5 hours!!! Despite it being an exercise in fear play (she loved my breathing, or lack there of, when she was passing cars in Mass.), Lolita is an amazing driver, and the drive was fun. I wonder if anyone will read my name written in the snow on a rest area in Rhode Island in yellow writing.

I still owe you all a MAL post. It'll come, I promise.

I was forlorn to discover that the oft-mentioned stereotype of bad BO and sci-fi con attendees was true. There were little pockets of air that were large enough not to allow identification of the true source so that I could thrust bars of soaps hard into their persons.

Some darn strange panels there. One of them, I swear, was an hour and half talking about what in the world there is to watch on TV now that Buffy and Angel are gone. Another was a full out bitch session for Trekkies lamenting how much worse it is without Roddenberry. I am SO glad I did not enter that room.

I really want to be back in Boston. Despite the cold. Despite the snow. There are some gosh darned good people up there. And I like them a whole lot.

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